Fifth International Workshop on
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets

Warsaw, September 16th, 2005

Organizers Program Committee Schedule

11:00 -11:10              Opening Ceremony


Plenary session


11:10-11:30             On intuitionistic fuzzy implications and negations

Krassimir Atanassov


11:30-11:50             Image thresholding using intuitionistic fuzzy sets

H. Bustince, V. Mohedano, E. Barrenechea, M. Pagola


11:50-12:10             On the entropy of IF dynamical systems

Beloslav Riecan


12:10–12:30             Representing uncertainty and ignorance in probabilistic data using the intuitionistic fuzzy relational data model

B. Kolev, P. Chountas, K. Atanassov, I. Petrounias


12:30-12:50             I-Fuzzy sets with triangular norms, their hesitation areas and cardinalities

Maciej Wygralak


12:50-13:10             Generalized net model of e-learning evaluation with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations

P. Melo-Pinto, T. Kim, K. Atanassov, E. Sotirova and A. Shannon


13:10-14:10             Lunch


Technical sessions


14:10-14:30             Cardinalities and New Measure of Entropy for IF Sets

Pavol Kral


14:30-14:50             On the probability--preserving maps on the Lukasiewicz square

Magdaléna Renčová


14:50-15:10             Caratheodory outer measure on MV-algebras

Alzbeta Michalikova


15:10-15:30             Convergence of IF-observables

Katarina Lendelova



15:30-15:50             Coffee Break


15:50-16:10             On the generalized nets transitions

Violeta Tasseva


16:10-16:30             Intuitionistic and Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets in Evaluation. Remarks on Equivalence

Adam Niewiadomski

16:30-16:50             Examples of Applications of IF-Sets with Triangular Norms to Group Decision Making Problems

Anna Pankowska


16:50-17:10             On the Fuzzy Rough Sets

Jana Kusendová


Closing Ceremony


Workshop Dinner